Srikant Iyengar

Transformation Coach & Mind Power Expert


Mind Power Infinite

A Transformational Workshop which takes the participants through a journey of understanding the unlimited human potential and learning how to scientifically tap into this potential for personal and professional success.
– Learn cutting edge Mind tools and technologies which speeds up the goal achievement process
– Learn how to stay in the Peak state of Performance consistently.  LIVE your highest potential.
– Identify roadblocks to success and learn how to overcome them.  Learn how to recondition the mind to overcome Limiting beliefs and past conditioning that holds back most people.
– Learn how to become UNSTOPPABLE. Create a “YESSS, It’s Possible” attitude.  Come to a state of Mind which says “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”
– Break through ALL limitations with Experiential activities like Glass Walking, Fire Eating, Needle Piercing, Body Stiffening, etc.

Stress Free Living

A Transformational Workshop for Inner Peace and fulfilment at Work
– Understand the root causes of Stress and eliminate it.
– Relieve Stress immediately using unique techniques which work fast !!
– Learn how to control ANGER, FEAR, WORRY, TENSION and OVERWHELM instantly
– Control Pain of any kind in minutes
– Remove Subconscious Blocks to Success
– Be Happy and fulfilled at Work and Home
– Deal with cravings, addictions, phobias, past negative experiences
– Remain full of energy and vitality
– Learn to live in the Present moment and make the best out of it.

Super Student Unlimited

A Transformational Workshop for the 21st Century Student
– Understanding the Human mind and unlimited potential within
– Improve Self Esteem and Confidence
– How to set Goals and achieve them by using Power of the Mind
– Learn how to control ANGER, FEAR, WORRY, TENSION and OVERWHELM instantly
– Improve Academic and Sports performance significantly
– Deal with Exam Stress, Peer Pressure, Addictions to technology, etc.
– Be a Happy and fulfilled Student
– Remain full of energy and vitality

Sales Power Infinite

  • Tap into the Power of your Subconscious Mind to skyrocket your Sales Performance
  • Learn Proven Success Principles for doubling your results
  • Learn cutting-edge Mind Tools to generate new leads, attract new opportunities
  • Open up your Mind to create endless possibilities
  • Eliminate Negativity and Stress – the biggest Viruses that affects your Sales Performance 
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and past failures which
    may be holding you back from achieving Super Sales Performance. Create a  “YESSS, it’s Possible” Mindset.
  • Achieve your Sales Targets in any Market situation
  • Create Innovative solutions using your Subconscious Mind for increasing your Sales 
  • Keep your Motivation always high using powerful techniques to deal with emotions such as Anger, Fear, Worry, Anxiety, Frustration
  • Develop a Positive Mental Attitude
  • Create a strong Influence on your Prospects, Customers and your Sales team members
  • Become UNSTOPPABLE to achieve ANY TARGET!! 

Millionaire Mind Infinite

  • Find out what is your current Money Blueprint set for – success, mediocrity, or poverty
  • Change your current blueprint and recreate it for success that will come to you by default
  • Discover how the rich generate unique thoughts that bring continuous wealth
  • Learn how to drive money for you instead of you slogging to earn more and more
  • Realise ways to sustain in any state of economy
  • Identify your true “purpose” for wealth
  • Take home some most powerful money management principles
  • Create passive income streams which can give you utmost financial freedom
  • Start thinking, feeling and acting differently about money, wealth, and most importantly – “yourself”!