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While there is no one ‘fit for all’ recipe for success but however there is definitely a general roadmap which has created positive impact largely. These techniques are useful and have shown results for both young and adults.Usually we have better awareness levels when it comes to how to treat our body. But when it comes to our mind, we are seldom conscious of the fact that, what we feed our mind with, has a very significant impact on us from all aspect. It impacts our present and future mentally, emotionally, physically, financially.Needless to say, all are striving to succeed in various walks of our life. It would be worthwhile taking time out to learn some of the proven methods which can help and individual to create his/ her roadmap for success.Of course, this involves rewiring our brain in a different way, thankfully there are some hacks, which, if understood and practiced diligently, has the potential to mould your present and future the way you want.

Let's dive in to these 7 brain hacks.

1. Diet:
Heath conscious people swear by diets rich in omega-3s and healthy fats. Omega-3s are fatty acids that help keep dopamine levels in your brain active and increase cerebral circulation.
2. Practice Positive Thoughts:
Positive thinking can influence our lives. The book The Secret took this age-old concept and brought it into the mainstream. There has been much discussion in the past 2 decades about the impact positive thoughts can have, not only on your future and the things you attract into your life, but also your personal well-being. However, what people tend to forget is that positive thinking isn’t something that “just happens.” You have to actively practice positive thinking on a daily basis, and find ways to nurture optimism in your life.
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3. Exercise On A Regular Basis:
An endorphin rush can do wonders for your brain, especially when it comes to solving problems or coming up with new ideas. Some of the world’s greatest mental athletes, swear by physical exercise. Motion creates emotions. So break a sweat everyday.
4. Meditation practices:
Meditation has quickly taken root in the world of business and fast-paced entrepreneurial communities desperate for mental clarity. It’s been found that meditation practices can do everything from lowering anxiety to increasing productivity. Meditation has also been found to increase feelings of self-esteem and cognitive function, and can improve our brains’ ability to focus.
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5. Begin And End Each Day By Reading Your “Chief Aim” Aloud:
In his best-selling book Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill says that in order to attract what you want in life, you have to embed it deeply in your subconscious. He instructs readers to get clear on their “chief aim,” which is where they want to go in life or what it is they want to achieve, and encourages them to write that chief aim down. Each morning and each night they should read their chief aim aloud, embedding it firmly in their vision. Over time, Hill says, your subconscious will end up attracting opportunities for you to bring that chief aim to life.
6. Remove Yourself From Negative Environments:
Our physical environment plays a vital role in the health of our brains. An unhealthy, negative physical environment can often leave more of an impact than we’re willing to admit. But the good news is, it can be changed. If you’re struggling and you think your environment has something to do with it, get yourself out of it and move to someplace more positive.
7. Visualisation Is The Key:
Mental training plays a significant role in the way we practice, and both real and imagined exercises can have a positive impact on our brain’s development. So when someone talks about visualisation being a key part of their recipe for success, take them seriously.


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8 thoughts on “7 Hacks to wire your brain for success”

  1. It is really true ..I have read about this things many times but yet not aplyied.. From today I’m gonna start practice above things♥♥

  2. Absolutely true. These all 7 habits will definitely help me to schedule my body n mind in perfect way. I will definitely start inculcating it on daily basis. It will be very helpful for me. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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